Wilders Trial day 18: An unfair trial

The 18th day of the Wilders trial saw Bram Moskowicz going after the judges of the Amsterdam court with a vengeance. In a plea aimed at proving the public prosecutors have a case that is so tainted it should be dismissed, Wilders’ lawyer painted a picture (NL) of a judiciary that has not abided by the golden rule of ‘presumption of innocence’ required of them. Using the testimonies by Schalken and Hendriks, he fervently argued that a conviction of Wilders was written into the order to prosecute, written by Schalken and brought along by him to the now infamous dinner party. Hence, he argued, Wilders has been subjected to a fundamentally unfair trial.

So many things have gone wrong during this trial, and the interests of Wilders have been so damaged, that the public prosecutors case can only be dismissed. According to Moskowicz, the order to prosecute was an unadulterated reflection of the personal revulsion towards Wilders, felt by Schalken. As such, it is impossible to maintain that the Amsterdam court is neutral in this case or that Wilders enjoys the presumption of innocence granted to common criminals.

Towards the end, Geert Wilders was allowed to address the court. The good people from the PVV press liaison sent us a copy of the remarks:

Final remarks by Geert Wilders at his trial in Amsterdam , May 2nd, 2011

Mister President, members of the Court. I recently tried to have Your Honors removed from the case for your refusal to register a statement of perjury against Mr. Hendriks. My challenge of the court did not succeed. I must accept that. I do wish to say, however, that I was more annoyed by another declaration of the President of the Court on the day of the official hearing of Mr. Jansen. He said that I was a free man, that I could not be compared to Mr. Nekschot because I was a free man.

Mister President, you could not be more wrong. For almost seven years now, I have not been a free man. I lost my freedom in 2004. I live as a prisoner with guards without you having convicted me. Without protection I am even less certain of my life than I am now. Mister President, you would not use the words “free man” if you could change places with me for one week…

continued of page II of KV.

Next Monday, May 9th, the court will respond to mr. Moskowicz’s plea.

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2 Responses to Wilders Trial day 18: An unfair trial

  1. You used to have to be a follower of Soviet jurisprudence to see a misbegotten prosecution with a preordained verdict as entertaining as this!

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    Well, hugely entertaining as this case is (and it is!), you make an apt comparison. And that, in itself, is a deeply tragic commentary on the current state of our affairs.

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