A story to keep an eye on

Props to Gates of Vienna for their daily tracking of the goings on with regard to the immigration crisis on Lampedusa. It is beginning to look like the Camp of the Saints will become the focal point of either the demise of the EUnion, or the demise of Europe.

From the latest at GoV: Camp of the Saints: A Strategy for Surrender:

Over the last few weeks it has become obvious that this containment effort is unsustainable, and some other method of dealing with the migrants must be found. Representatives of the EU member states that border on the Mediterranean met yesterday in Nicosia to discuss their common problem. They made it clear that they expect help from the rest of the European Union (…)

It isn’t clear whether the following initiative from Brussels was announced before or after the Nicosia meeting, but there’s no doubt that European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström and the other European commissioners were well aware of the sentiments expressed by the delegates in Cyprus yesterday.

What’s extraordinary about this latest response from the bureaucratic heart of the European Union is that it includes the declared intention of deliberately and pre-emptively importing the North African refugees into Europe.

That is, the Commission intends to surrender to the “Camp of the Saints” invasion before it is fully underway. (…)

So, in order to “avoid human trafficking”, the European Commissioners will become human traffickers themselves. And their low, low rates will drive all the other traffickers out of business.

And the model for the “redistribution proposal” is the recent resettlement of 10,000 culture enrichers from Iraq. Notwithstanding the fact that the “success” of the Iraq asylum program is debatable — ordinary Swedes and Finns may have a somewhat different opinion on the matter — the European Commission acknowledges that forty-seven times as many refugees are currently waiting to come to Europe.

And this is before the rest of the impoverished residents of North Africa learn about this golden opportunity and pack their bags to head for the coast.

And all during the worst global recession since 1933, with the Eurozone teetering on the brink of fiscal collapse.

How does Ms. Malmström envision this proposal turning out? How will all this cultural enrichment affect the financial well-being of the European Union? Where’s the upside?

Really, are these people that stupid? Or simply barking mad?

It may be a small island far away form our damp little corner of the world. But the implications are rather far reaching and potentially disastrous for the entire continent. If you find you’re not that interested in Lampedusa I would suggest it nay be time to start getting interested.

Check this link on a regular basis. The more people know how the EUnion is plotting to elect a new people Europe wide, the more chance we have of resisting it.

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2 Responses to A story to keep an eye on

  1. RHL says:

    The EU is run by TRAITORS. That evil bunch of subversive Scum wants to destroy White Europe.The only way to stop the demographic make-over of Europe is to get physical with the Brussels Rats. I don't know who is going to do it, but the EU bureaucrats MUST be stopped from making any further decisions that threatens the survival of White Europeans.The destruction of Europe has to be stopped… NOW !

  2. Ferdy says:

    To me this appears to be all about money. Those southern countries want money. They want us to finance their financial irresponsible behavior, and how can we blame them? Now we are united we should all share the pie equally, wealth is theft. Aren’t we all socialist?But we might all be socialist; we still are not one people. The southern catholic countries have their finances always differently organized that hose protestant northerners. It might even be no accident that Greece, an orthodox country, that is culturally the least aligned country, is also the country that stole EU money by fraud and took the Eurozone hostage for its own benefit. After all the union is not a union.One can only wonder, how much more tension can the EU handle? Is it able to cope with a double dip recession? What if not only Portugal, but also Spain is going to default? What about the upcoming Iranian crisis? Let’s not even think about bold actions by either Turkey or Russia.The post-cold war doldrums are over, back is the real world.

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