A completely disinterested warning

Our new, Danish-style cabinet vowed to reduce the size of the corps of civil servants. From a report (NL) we learn that more then half of 1809 civil servants interviewed about the budget cuts expect a reduction in FTE’s between 10 and 20%.

You’d think that would neatly decrease the amount of tax money payed out in salaries and benefits. But you’d be wrong: Civil service: Budget cuts counterproductive (NL):

The cabinets plans to cut budgets of the civil servant corps will maybe show benefits on the short term, but in the longer term they will produce extra costs. This was said by civil servants interviewed for an investigation commissioned by [civil servant magazine] Binnenlands Bestuur.

Aha, so we have civil servants selflessly arguing against the planned reduction in the number of civil servants. There’s a shocker…

How many of those interviewed feel Damocles’ sword suspended over their desks, do you think?

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2 Responses to A completely disinterested warning

  1. Ferdy says:

    I think we need a department of budget cuts, just to make sure the budget cuts will work.

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