Sunday linkage

Only one link for this instalment of Sunday Linkage. That is because it is a must-read. It is this Sundays column by Christopher Booker in the Telegraph about the hardly noticed but fundamentally different way in which we are governed today as compared to as recent as the early nineties.

Inevitably the column deals with the situation as it applies in the UK. But the issues highlighted are equally valid for the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and all those other EUnion member states:

All this amounted to a mutation in the nature of our governance. And the consequence is that we are now ruled by a vast maze of bureaucratic structures, not answerable to Parliament, operating at every level, from Brussels down to the town halls and a plethora of executive agencies. The power of elected politicians at all levels of government has been immeasurably diminished – which is one reason why they are now held in such contempt by the public.

The dead hand of this system now stretches into almost every area of life, not just sapping businesses but exercising its grip over the NHS, the education system, the police and much more besides. And the most striking thing about this new presence in our lives is how it lives by its own peculiar values, talking only in its own stultifying jargon, unable to relate to the real world. Common sense, like democratic accountability, has gone out of the window.

The system damages all it touches, which is why it lands us with one disaster after another, from the pointless destruction of billions of fish to the shambles it has made of our rubbish collection; from the skewing of our energy policy in favour of useless windmills to the way our family courts have turned every principle of justice on its head to allow politically correct social workers to seize children from loving parents.

The system’s one success has been to seal itself off from the rest of us, so there is virtually nothing we can do about it, other than pour in ever more money through our taxes to keep it in being.

Go on over and read the whole thing. No, really!

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