Some good news

From Esther: Gov. Mike Huckabee meets with European Freedom parties.

Mike Huckabee, currently in Israel, met today with the heads of the European Freedom parties from Austria, Germany, Sweden, and Belgium, and discussed with them the rise of radical Islam in Europe and the world, and the challenge it poses to the free world.

The parties decided to cooperate in the war against fundamental Islam. Huckabee promised to publicly support anybody who fights this phenomenon, including the Freedom parties in Europe, who lead the struggle against the Islamic religious radicalization which is currently happening across Europe.

I was always under the impression the Gov. Huckabee did not have any outspoken opinions on matters islam. Maybe I’ve not been paying attention (that happens), but this is some surprisingly good news.

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2 Responses to Some good news

  1. DP111 says:

    Capitalist Liberal Multicultacracy

  2. Rhlt says:

    Living close to the US, we are constantly bombarded by news events in that faltering nation, but it's all filtered by the Politically-Correct MSM. The unvarnished truth is never fully revealed. Most " news " items concerning people and events in the States contain more spin than actual fact.So having an American Governor denounce radical Islam is amazing and welcome news.

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