Meanwhile, in Malmö…

Via Esther and Gates of Vienna we learn that the notorious Malmö district of Rosengård is the scene of muslim violence directed against Swedish police. During the last few days the normal chaos in Rosengård has escalated to a full-blown intifada, with “youths” throwing firebombs and shooting major fireworks at the police.

Calle Persson, spokesperson for the Skane police said that the violence can no longer be dismissed as juvenile antics, since those participating are adults. Last night around fifteen youth gathered for the third night this week in order to confront the police, throwing stones, firecrackers and Molotov cocktails at officers on the scene and setting fire to cars.

Swedish police are reportedly not sure what triggered the tensions, but hope that the violence is a temporary break in last year’s trend of increased stability, less vandalism, fewer confrontations, fires and attacks.

That would surely be nice and comforting. But somehow, I am not very optimistic.

(video via Steen and Vlad Tepes)

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One Response to Meanwhile, in Malmö…

  1. Ingrid says:

    We NEVER SEE THIS AIRED on TV here. (USA)The leaders and media are controlled and not for our best interests.

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