Nothing out of the ordinary

The graph depicted above shows a new northern hemisphere temperature reconstruction by Fredrik Ljungqvist, Stockholm University’s Department of History: A new reconstruction of temperature variability in the extra-tropical Northern Hemisphere during the last two millennia.

This new study of Ljungqvist is especially important in that it utilizes, in his words, “a larger number of proxy records than most previous reconstructions,” and that it “substantiates an already established history of long-term temperature variability.” All of these facts, taken together, clearly demonstrate that there is nothing unusual, nothing unnatural or nothing unprecedented about the planet’s current level of warmth, seeing it was just as warm as, or even warmer than, it has been recently during both the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods, when the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration was more than 100 ppm less than it is today. And this latter observation, together with the realization that earth’s climate naturally transits back and forth between cooler and warmer conditions on a millennial timescale, demonstrates that there is absolutely no need to associate the planet’s current level of warmth with its current higher atmospheric CO2 concentration, in clear contradiction of the worn-out IPCC and climate-alarmist claim that the only way to explain earth’s current warmth is to associate it with the greenhouse effect of CO2. That claim — for which there is no supporting evidence, other than misplaced blind faith in climate models — is totally bogus.

In short then: Yes, it has been getting warmer during the bygone century or so, but no, there’s is nothing out of the ordinary about it. And CO2, anthropogenic or otherwise, apparently has nothing to do with it.

(h/t Hans Labohm)

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