The Queen and the Somali plot

In her Christmas speech, Queen Beatrix told people to show solidarity with others in society. She said we should try to find a good balance between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Fear and suspicion could be vanquished if people adopted a social perspective. She urged people to involve each other in solving problems and stressed that we all belong to a single society in which every individual needs to feel safe.

The danger exists that what we have in common is ignored while differences and contrasts are exaggerated. We should be ready to recognise our own prejudices and consider the consequences of our behaviour for others and for society as a whole. Her majesty said we should treat others the way we’d like them to treat us.

These high-minded thoughts were nullified immediately afterward by the news that 12 Somali suspects of plotting a terror attack had been arrested in Rotterdam and Gilze-Rijen. Apparently, they were planning to shoot down an Apache attack helicopter at Gilze-Rijen airforce base, home to 85 of such aircraft.

In the mean time all but one of the suspects have been released. The expectations are that all will be free (NL) in the immediate future for lack of (admissible) evidence.

But there is something fishy about the group of suspects. This we learn from Somali news site Suna Times, which tells us one of the suspects is Mohamed Kahiye Garmashaqo, the father of Farhan Mohamed Kahiye, the commander of Al-Shabaab, a group of Somali jihasts, recently in the news for demanding from US president Obama ‘to embrace Islam before we come to his country’ and carry out terrorist attacks on US soil.

And the connections to Al-Shabaab don’t end there.

Two of the other 11 people being interrogated by the police were confirmed to have been members of Alshabaab who were planning the attacks in Netherlands.

The father of the Alshabaab commander runs a shop in Rotterdam along with an illegal money remittence company called Olympic Money transfer as well call shops.

Somali community in Netherlands told Sunatimes that at least Mohamed Kahiye used to send more than $200,000 in disguise family bills by the community as the money directly falling into the hands of Alshabaab in Somalia.

According to Suna Times the PC’s in Mohamed Kahiye’s phone shop contained digital copies of documents related to transfers of money to Al-Shabaab. Additionally it tells us that Mohamed Kahiye lied about his identity when applying for asylum in the Netherlands. Sources in the Dutch Somali community told the Suna Times he used the alias Mohamed Abdullahi Roble to seek asylum in the Netherlands. Given the precedent set in the case of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, undoubtedly we can expect our authorities to throw the bum out post-haste (he said with a sarcasm unbecoming of the season).

Sources close to the Royal House have stated that the Queen was quite sour (NL) about the news of the Somali plot in Holland coming out immediately after her Christmas speech. She felt her message to indigenous Dutch to show even more understanding and tolerance towards immigrants was completely wiped off the table.

Apparently Queen Beatrix was not in the loop about the arrests. Afterward she is said to have preferred the news of the arrests to be withheld until after Christmas, so as to preserve her message of blessed multi-culturalism to the Dutch. She feels somewhat humiliated and is quite miffed some lowly civil servant made her multi-cult excoriation of the Dutch null and void, by releasing the news that a number of her exotic wards were plotting harm in direct opposition to her idealistic image of immigrants to the Netherlands.

The Queen feels she has made a fool of herself. And she would be right. For years now the Dutch have given all but the shirt of their back to accommodate immigrants. And most immigrants give their best in return, it has to be said. But there is a certain group of immigrants, of a certain faith, who persist in rewarding the opportunities given them with ingratitude, contempt and outright hostility. How much tolerance and understanding do we grant those that would take that and use it to plot against the very people showing that tolerance and understanding? One would hope the Queen is not too proud to draw some wisdom from this little episode.

[UPDATE001] The last Somali suspect has been released today, pretty much as predicted. In the mean time, over on Brussels Journal, Koenraad Elst proposes an alternative reading of the Queens speech. It is worth a thought or two, but, as the cliché goes: Your mileage may vary…

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14 Responses to The Queen and the Somali plot

  1. Guy Gadbois says:

    Queen Beatrix is an infamous globalist and Bilderberger and involved in the fascist totalitarian NWO project. Demote her and expell her to Somalia. LOL!

  2. Just what we need, more pandering to those who want to kill all non-believers. how many of the 80,000 Somalis that Obama wants to bring to America in 2011 will eventually be plotting death and destruction upon those who were so gullable in their efforts to help them. Seems the more we bend to the demands of Muslims, the bolder they become in their demands.

  3. DP111 says:

    Our leaders are telling us to show Christian tolerance on which our civilisation rests.Perhaps they need reminding that Afghanistan was once a peaceful Buddhist country. Remind me what has happened to Buddhists and Buddhism in that country. Many countries in the ME were once Christian countries. They too exercised Christian tolerance. Now Christians are a small and persecuted minority, and even these are being systematically “ethnically” cleansed, churches destroyed and desecrated, pastors and even bishops murdered. Lebanon was a country specifically setup for the remaining few Christians in the ME. Lebanon was also the one and only country that had a liberal tolerant democracy – coincidence? Lebanon is now split, and on the verge of being taken over by Hezbollah. It’s the same story everywhere Muslims are allowed in. So how long will liberal democracy and Christian tolerance exist once Muslims are in the driving seat?The problem is not Jihadis but the rapid growth of the so called "moderate" Muslim population via a high birth rate, chain migration, illegal immigration, asylum seekers, multiple spouses from “back home” etc. Once the Muslim population is large enough, say around 40%, Sharia can, and will be implemented via parliament. There is no evidence in history of anything else. End of the historic cultural identity of the UK- something even the Nazis could not, or had no intention of doing. It’s the same throughout the West. We should pay heed to the likes of Anjem Chaudhary, as he is one of the few who is telling the truth and not using Taqqiya.

  4. Lionheart says:

    I really cannot understand how we are expected to be tolerant against all this hate towards the Western culture which I'm happy to be part of. I live in the UK & for the last 15 years it's been instilled in all to be tolerant towards the Muslims as they are the minority, regardless of how they behave!I cannot believe for one minute that the powers of the west are totally blind to the Islamification of the World. There has to be a reason for this? I truely believe there is a global conspiricy that is slowly giving power to Islam. I think the only way to combat this, is every Christian should take the law into their own hands & fight back before it's to late, we cannot rely anymore on the Governments to deal with this.

  5. Guy Gadbois says:

    The global elite wants to exterminate 90% of the population. As it is now, where are too numerous for them to control. Don't take the swine-flu shots whatever you do, They are purposefully designed to decrease your natural immunity. Eventually they will unleash the real pandemic, of cour man-made as well on us. We who haven't taken any shots have a better chance of survival. Their end-game is to enslave the remaining survivors forever. They want one world government, one currency and one religion. The survivors are going to be forced to worship Anti-Christ or put to death.

  6. DP111 says:

    12 Jihadis arrested in England just prior to Christmas.Now we have the news12 Jihadis arrested in the Netherlandsand 12 Jihadis arrested in Denmark.Coincidence?When the first 12 were arrested in England, I thought Hmm – 12 days of Christmas, Hmm.But now we have two further incidents of 12 Jihadis.Coincidence?There are 6 more days to run before the end of the 12 day Christmas period.

  7. DutchKufar says:

    I really don't think it has anything to do with the 12 days of christmas. After all, it was the police who decided how many to arrest, not the somalis.Queen Beatrix is a bit 'wereldvreemd', it's about time she steps down. Tolerance is fine, but you can never be tolerant of intolerance.

  8. Jon says:

    These globalist NWO types will betray their feigned charity toward Islam eventually. I wonder what form it will take? I wonder if the Islamics will get the upper hand first? Which group of liars will win? Who knows?

  9. Klein Verzet says:

    Thanks for the comments, all. The Queens Christmas speech didn't over well with a surprisingly large fraction of the Dutch. On Dutch blogs there has been an increasing number of commentaries of a republican tone, something which until recently could not count on being very popular. If I were a member of the royal family I would sit up and take notice.It is not all that surprising, though. We ordinary Dutch count on the royal family to defend the interests of us and our land. It is, after all, bequeathed to them. If even the royal family is not interested in their heritage (literally!), any more, then what are they there for?

  10. DutchKufar says:

    And the fact that Maxima claimed there's no dutch culture.. that was truly insulting. I've got this theory, that the left is so afraid of our own culture and being proud of it, because in their mind it can ultimately only lead to nazism. So they deny, debase and destroy our culture where they can, and praise and welcome any culture that isn't ours, as a matter of principle.

  11. DP111 says:

    What is happening sure looks like a setup or even a conspiracy. The question is who is setting up whom?

  12. DP111 says:


  13. Ferry says:

    Best wishes for 2011!

  14. Yepitssnouck says:

    Best Wishes for 2011. Snouck

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