The end of a short career

Jews and homosexuals are increasingly forced to hide their character in public. Just recently we reported on Frits Bolkesteins remarkable statements with regard to Dutch Jews and who it is that makes life difficult for them. In a slightly more distant past we linked to a TV documentary demonstrating the aggressive dislike of Muslim yoof towards Jews.

You would think that Job Cohen, formerly mayor of Amsterdam, would be intimately aware of these problems. He is, after all, known for wanting to ‘keep the lot together’, for not wanting to create a divided society.

But to everyone’s astonishment it was Job Cohen who declared Muslims the modern Jews. As NIS news reports (via Esther):

Muslims are excluded from present-day Dutch society, as also happened with Jews in the 1930s, in the view of Labour (PvdA) leader Job Cohen.

Cohen drew the controversial comparison in an interview with Vrij Nederlands weekly. He links his views to the rise of Geert Wilders. In reaction, the Party for Freedom (PVV) leader rejected Cohen’s criticism as “disgusting.”

Cohen, himself Jewish, recounts how his mother experienced around the time of the outbreak of the Second World War that Jews were slowly being excluded. He also sees this alienation now in society.

This didn’t go over well at all, especially in light of a whole slew of reports about Jews and homosexuals being verbally and physically abused, even to the point of being forced to move, as was the case when a female gay couple decided to leave Amsterdam for Harderwijk (NL) after years of intimidation and abuse by Moroccan yoof.

Even De Volkskrant, a very left-wing newspaper, loyal to Labour, thought the statements by Cohen a bit too rich. Writer Shanty Ruby points out a few home-truths in an article entitled ‘Job Cohens blind spot‘ (NL).

In his noble endeavours to avoid exclusion of our muslim brothers, Job Cohen has developed a blind spot for the increasingly precarious situation in which the two largest groups of victims of hate crime now find themselves. Amsterdam has been replaced as the gay Walhalla for years now by Berlin, Barcelona and Tel Aviv. Mokum [Yiddish designation for Amsterdam – KV] has been buried. The same minorities that were marginalized and discriminated by the Nazi’s during the thirties are being oppressed once more.

Gays no longer can walk the streets hand in hand and religious Jews have to hide their kippa under a cap. It is painful to have to establish that these two groups increasingly suffer under the discrimination and aggression by young members of exactly that minority on which Cohen is projecting “the Jews of old”. By turning a blind eye for this reality Cohen inadvertently belittles the persecution of Jews, as was laid down in race laws of the thirties of the last century. That is what makes this skewed comparison hit even harder.

Job Cohen was hailed as the saviour of the PvdA (Labour) and the Netherlands at large, when he re-entered national politics just prior to the general elections of June this year. That has been somewhat of a disappointment. After this tremendous faux-pas it is unlikely he will still be around for the results of the next provincial elections, coming March. And thus, this episode may mark the end of a very short career as Labour leader for Job Cohen.

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4 Responses to The end of a short career

  1. A Friend says:

    Job Cohen is an example of that the Jews are their own worst enemy. Specifically, liberal left-wing Jews by nature grease up to their worst enemies as a means of survival. This may date back to Roman days when the hardiest Jews were all killed during their rebellions, and the survivors turfed out to the Jewish diaspora where they had to grease up to their host nations largesse. Through the ages this has been refined to the systematic belief and practice that redemption lies in brown-nosing your worst enemies. A truly repulsive trait — PVV is right to call it "disgusting". The Jews need to flush this out of their society in the same way that we Europeans need to flush socialism out of our own society.

  2. Guy Gadbois says:

    The blogger Bare Naked Islam who is herself a jewess, calls this kinds of suicidal jews for judenrats. A fitting description perhaps.

  3. Klein Verzet says:

    Yes, Job Cohen seems to be a school example of the type of self-loathing liberal that is so frequently found within Jewish circles. I have wondered about that phenomenon and maybe the history of Jews in the diaspora is an explanation.So, we have identified the problem. What is the solution?

  4. DP111 says:

    Jews are supposed to be the canaries in the mine. They are chirruping wildly, and many are now fleeing the Netherlands to the safety of Israel. If Cohen does not realise what is happening to his fellow Jews, or is indifferent to them, then he is equivalent of Soros. Cohen has also criticised Wilders in terms that would make Wilders a Nazi. He better realize that it is the likes of Wilders that will save his neck from the new Nazis in Europe – Muslims.Bu I think he knows. So he can merrily excercise extreme liberalism defending the indefensible, knowing full well, that it will be Wilders and his likes that will save him from a beheading, while his liberal conscience is unsullied.

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