Stupid no more

Via Autonomous Mind comes a post you do not want to miss: Stupid no more.

We know, and it has been painful for us to arrive at this conclusion, that waving placards and signing petitions is a waste of our time. You understand violence though. So that is the inevitable path we must take. Revolution has never been successful by the signing of petitions, it has never been successful when the protagonists have stood in front of parliament waving placards. It is always successful when death, damage and violence are used to bring change. It pains me to say this to you. I am a peaceful man. Pretty much everyone I know are peaceful as well. I wish I could tell you that this will all blow over, but it won’t. You have abused us for far too long. We cannot unsee the corruption in the European Union, and you are tainted because you support that unholy organisation. They steal from us, and so do you. You are guilty of collusion. You are guilty of treason. You will be weighed, you will be measured, and you will be found wanting.

Yes, it is radical. Yes, it goes against a body of indoctrination that has been with us for sixty-odd years. But when those that rule us so conspicuously abdicate their responsibilities, while continuing to demand their privileges; When protests no longer are registered and even legal, legitimate consultations of the people are shoved under the rug or side-lined; When our government stops listening to our worries, but excoriate us for not thinking the way they think; When our authorities oppress us, seeking opportunities to infringe our ancient customs and privileges, exacting from us slavish compliance; When we are robbed of all other methods of registering our non-consent, this is what is left to us.

It isn’t pretty. It isn’t how it is supposed to be. But it is the only choice they have left us. At the close of the first decade of the 21st century that is a conclusion that invokes much sadness. But that is how it is. How I wish it weren’t, but the time is fast approaching when we will have to legally proceed to the choice of another prince for [our] defence.

Go over and read it all.

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2 Responses to Stupid no more

  1. DP111 says:

    Almost all changes in society, in Europe or anywhere else, have taken place with force or with the threat of force. How else would the holders of power ever surrender even a tiny bit of that power without coercion of deadly force.In Europe, apart from Switzerland, the state holds a monopoly of force. It likes it that way, as when the citizenry is disarmed,the state can use the police or the army to shoot its way, without the state or its arms, having to bear high casualties. At present, the state can rely on the loyalty of the police, as it has been well bribed with high salaries and a very generous pension. The same is not true for the armed forces, who are paid a pittance while still taking fatalities in Afghanistan or Iraq. The very fact that such discussions are taking place, is a sign that times are going to get very turbulent.

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    I don't mind a state holding a 'monopoly on force/violence', *provided* the state governs with the consent of the people that appoint them. Increasingly in Europe this seems no longer to be the case, which renders the state's monopoly unjustified. That awareness seems to be growing, especially in the UK. But it seems also to become virulent in nations that are now curated by the EUnion: Greece and Ireland.The beauty of democracy is not that we get to elect our government, or that we somehow participate in government. The beauty of democracy, as Nigel Farage pointed out so eloquently, is that it provides a (peaceful) means to register (non-)consent, a safety valve to release pent up frustration and disenfranchisement. Take that away (as is happening with the EUnion usurping more and more power, without comparable means accountability) and the only option to register your non-consent is violence. That discussions about this are increasingly frequent on the blogosphere is a 'Mene Tekel', as you rightly observe. It indicates that, within the EUnion, governments are losing control of the population, have lost the peoples consent. It is a sign our national politicians ignore at their own peril.

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