The filth get it

Little reported, but Helen is on the case: EU budget adopted.

Here is an interesting little item:

One of the biggest budget increases is 100m euros in extra funding for the Palestinians and the Middle East peace process.

Oh goody. More of our money to go on funding bloodthirsty kleptocrats in Gaza and on the West Bank, not to mention children’s programmes with psychotic mice, killer bees, demented rabbits and Jihadi teddy bears.

Then there is another item of news. The budget is the budget but that is not the end of the story.

MEPs and the EU governments, which are collectively called the Council, have not yet agreed on a contingency fund to deal with emergencies, nor on financing of the Iter nuclear fusion project.

And that is before the Commission presents “a formal proposal by mid-2011 on “own resources” – ways in which the EU can boost its own finances”.

Before I can even work up enough foam at the mouth for a proper rant, Richard North says what I wanted to say. And so much better too:

In a flatulent piece by The Daily Telegraph, we have a dissertation on the thieving filth in the EU parliament who, as we noted earlier, are robbing us blind.

But, instead of drawing the obvious and only sensible conclusion, weak as ditch water we have the leader writer bleat that: “The time has now come for party leaders in the UK to order their representatives in Europe to be as open with the taxpayer as national MPs are expected to be and to publish their expenses online.”

The piece then concludes, “We have a right to know where our money goes” – as if we didn’t know already and as if knowing in detail where it is spent would make any difference. When will these lame-brains realise that we are sick to the back teeth of this filth stealing our money, and the only answer is to stop giving them any?

With all this going on, is it any wonder that even the more thoughtful and intelligent among us are starting to contemplate ‘direct action’?

Where the future of our democracy, sovereignty and liberty is threatened and peaceful protest continues to have no effect, direct action will be justified to protect and safeguard those perspectives before they are taken from us by the political class and the supranational bodies that are actively taking control of us without our consent. It is the political class that has brought us to this point and we should not feel ashamed of taking direct action where it is necessary to defend our hard won freedom, a freedom secured through the blood and sacrifice of hundreds of thousands if not millions of our countrymen over many years who forever deserve our gratitude and respect.

There will be rough times ahead, unless something fundamental changes. And changes quickly

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2 Responses to The filth get it

  1. Klein Verzet says:

    Thanks Whitey,I am on it. I already have a post in the works, but I don't have a lot of time at the moment. Probably will be up in the weekend.

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