Understanding the message?

Geert Wilders is Dutch politician of the year (NL). This according to Dutch citizens who are subscribed to the ‘opinion panel’ of the Dutch TV current events show ‘EenVandaag’. Thirty thousand of them participated in the vote, which saw our intrepid new PM Mark Rutte coming in second, while third place was for the ‘rookie of the year’, Socialist Party fraction leader Emile Roemer.

An earlier politician-of-the-year vote (NL), this one with only members of the press corps able to vote, had Wilders in third place, after Maxime Verhagen (2nd) and Mark Rutte (1st).

It is encouraging (and in my opinion somewhat deserved) that our PM score high in both polls. At the same time it is noteworthy that there still exists some discrepancy between what the establishment (represented by Dutch political correspondents) values, versus the opinion of the common people like you or I.

Maxime Verhagen features high on the journo’s list, while barely making the top ten in the eyes of the people. That latter is not entirely deserved. Verhagen may be credited for all the political acumen, energy and sheer will he put in to make the Danish cabinet a reality.

But he’s CDA. And the people remember how the CDA, under Jan-Peter Balkenende, was instrumental in side-lining the will of the people and manoeuvring Holland into the potentially totalitarian maw of the EUnion, while doing absolutely nothing about the excesses of imported islam within out borders, and actively hindering anyone who would (just remember Nekschot or Fitna). Hence, the people, unlike the press, are rather disenchanted by the CDA and the weak surrender it has stood for over the last decade (and let us pray that under Verhagen, that has come to a definitive end).

Another anomaly is Job Cohen. Normally he would have made the top ten in the EenVandaag poll on the merit of being Labour leader alone. But he failed as miserably in this poll (12th place) as he did in national politics.

All in all the polls are showing that the establishment (according to yet another poll completely without answers to current problems) and the common citizenry have quite different tastes in politics. Something any politician worth his salt should take notice of. But will they understand the message the EenVandaag poll is sending?

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