Dutch secret service infiltrated Geert Wilders his political party

Dutch government infiltration in PVV of Geert Wilders
Today Dutch biggest newspaper De Telegraaf ran a story on the infiltration of Geert Wilders his political Party For Freedom (PVV). According to former Party For Freedom parliamentary candidate Geert Tomlow (PVV) there were two infiltrators exposed within the party. A female infiltrator was exposed because she tried to obtain a list of all candidates’ names and addresses. And a second older male parliamentary candidate in training was exposed because he worked for the Dutch Military Intelligence services (MIVD).

Dutch Magazine Elsevier writes that Geert Wilders denies having exposed intelligence agents of the government (NL), but that he refused to comment on the reasons why they had to leave the parliamentary candidate training. Anonymous PVV party members however claim in the same magazine that there were several infiltration attempts by the Dutch Intelligence Services. They claim to have found ‘things’, but refuse to say what they have found.

In the past the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service have expressed their interested in the party of Geert Wilders. Former socialist integration minister Ella Vogelaar (PvdA) wrote in her book (Twintig maanden knettergek) that the head of the AIVD, Sybrand van Hulst “expressed his worries about the leadership in the integration debate and the Wilders issue” and that “he expected that the PVV soon would overdo it self and that at that moment the Socialist should be ready to take over”.

Geert Wilders is a fast growing political movement, so problems with its candidates can be expected as new political parties attract all kinds of people. And it must be said the PVV already has received its fair share of criticism on its parliamentary members. But what if some of them are agents who are just there to discredit this opposition party…

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