You work for the state

Yes, you do! And so do I. On a normal working day it isn’t until some time after lunch you start to earn your own money.

Burning our money directs us to an interesting page on the site of the OECD. On this site you’ll find a link to a downloadable Excel file: Fiscal balances and public indebtedness (.xls). If you go to the very first tab, marked ‘TotalOutlays’, you’ll see an overview of government spending as a percentage of GDP. For the 2010 in Netherlands that works out to 52.4%.

Of every 1000 euros you bring home every month, 524 euros are spent by government. Or in other words: On a standard 8 hour working day, you start to earn your own money only after lunch, and even then the first 15 minutes are for the government, on top of your entire mornings work.

In the past, revolts have happened over far, far less.

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