Strange coincidences

Via Elsevier (NL) we get the news that Rotterdam city council is forcing those that want to have a little meat with their meal to eat halal.

Leefbaar Rotterdam is furious about the mandatory eating of halal meat in Rotterdam city hall. Council members that have to make long days are given the choice of fish, vegetarian or meat prepared in islamic fashion. (…)

‘I don’t want to be forced to eat religiously prepared food’, says Leefbaar council member Ronald Schneider in Metro (NL). He adds he is sick and tired of ‘the islamisation of city hall’. (…) Schneider said that he’ll order out for ‘a ham pizza’.

Rotterdam, of course, has a reputation to protect, with regard to overzealous accommodation of muslims. Rotterdam has been described internationally as the symbol or even the capital of Eurabia.

What I don’t quite understand is the following: If the decision is made to accommodate religion in general, is there not a bit of a contradiction in serving Christian, Jew, Hindu and Buddhist alike, food that has been blessed in the name of a deity from another religion, one that in some cases is the antithesis of those religions? Isn’t that offending to these religions? How does that track with stated aims of ‘being inclusive’, that is trotted out whenever critical questions are asked?

Leaving the objections of a religious nature (which are eminently valid!) aside for a moment: The contradiction in serving halal-only meat in Dutch institutions like Rotterdam city hall is staggering. For decades now, we’ve had campaigns to make the life and death of our livestock more pleasant, more humane. Halal butchering is anything but pleasant or humane. The animal is quite aware (not being allowed stunning), causing huge amounts of stress. The throat of the animal is cut in a way that severs the arteries and windpipe, but specifically NOT the spinal cord, leaving the animal conscious through the whole process. From an animal welfare point of view wide-spread introduction of halal meat seems to be several big steps back.

What is curious about this, is that the decision to serve halal meat only was meant to be kept quiet. Where did we hear that before? Oh, right: Just last month there was a minor scandal in Great Britain, when the Daily Mail revealed that halal meat was being served routinely at some of Britain’s most popular sporting venues, pubs, schools and hospitals without the public’s knowledge (for more see here). Given the international nature of the food industry, it is doubtful at best to think that this issue is limited to the UK. The only difference seems to be journalistic drive to find out.

Two weeks ago, Tiberge flagged up the story that a big airline catering company, Gate Gourmet, has announced it will be serving only halal food. Gate Gourmet supplies in-flight meals to a great number of big airlines, such as Delta in the US, British Airways in the UK and a host of other airlines (though not, I pleased to say KLM, which have their own catering service). Is there a mechanism at work that is responsible for this strange coincidence?

In a larger sense, the decision made by Rotterdam city council is yet one more step in giving up our own identity for one, and only one, religious conviction. That has nothing to do with being ‘inclusive’. It has everything to do with rank dhimmitude and fear of conflict. With muslims or with their crypto-totalitarian guardians on the left. That is sickening in and of itself.

But this isn’t just an isolated incident of too much zeal towards the multi-cult. As the examples given try to show: there seems to be method to the madness, covering significant sections of the European, and indeed Western, food industry. The stealthy, underhanded way in which Western diets are transformed to being completely halal, suggests something more sinister is underway. Caveat emptor!

[UPDATE001] And just to drive the point home: A new study (pdf) commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery concludes that halal butchering causes the animal pain for, on average, 80 seconds, before it loses consciousness.

It is reported in literature and observed in our study that unconsciousness in cattle occurred on average 1.5 minute after the neck cut and may remain up to 4 minutes during which pain sensation may be present. It is recommended to stun mechanically or electrically before or just after neck cutting.

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