Riots in Grenoble after police shoot armed robber

In the French city of Grenoble riots erupted last night. ‘Youth’ torched at least 50 cars and two shops and were throwing rocks at the trams. Eventually the situation descended into a shooting with the police, but nobody was hurt.

The reason for the riots: Two men tried to rob a casino in Uriage-les-Bains, close to Grenoble, armed with assault rifles. It came to a shoot-out with police, in which one of the robbers, one Karim Boudouda (27, with three prior convictions for armed robbery), was killed. The second robber fled to Grenoble and is still at large. The police did manage to recover the robbed money, some 30,000 euro.

Karim Boudouda lives in the Grenoble district of Villeneuve. ‘Youth’ in this poor district [qualification in the original – KV] were upset that the police shot Boudouda. Hence they vented their anger in a way that is so depressingly familiar: Riots, torchings and general mayhem.

Given the general pattern of the riots in Grenoble (not to mention the name of the dead guy in this tale), it will not be hard to correctly guess the ethnic and religious background of the rioters. Even as the reporting is curiously silent on these aspects.

Source: Le Figaro

[UPDATE001] Reporting in EN by YNet here. Pamela has video. According to Bloomberg ‘rioters in Grenoble fired at police, torched cars, and wielded stones and baseball bats’.

[UPDATE002] Esther is also on the case. Including this cheery quote:

“The youths told me: You killed one of ours. In any case, you’re a dirty race, we’ll kill you too,” a policeman deployed to Villeneuve says, confirming the hatred against the police expressed by many local youth. “Anybody European, we’ll shoot down,” he says he’s heard.

[UPDATE003] Much more videos up at F. Desouche, who calls the riots ‘urban guerilla’. The link is in French, but the videos speak for themselves. A video with EN subtitles about the use of automatic weapons against the Grenoble police can be found at GoV here.

[UPDATE004] Head on over to Tiberges Galliawatch for the inside scoop.

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4 Responses to Riots in Grenoble after police shoot armed robber

  1. Martin says:

    they are behaving like animals .

  2. Adam says:

    Those pesky Amish again…

  3. Klein Verzet says:

    Yes, always them, isn't it?

  4. Jlalorrice says:

    The unassimilated (North) African immigrants to France are successfully destroying the civilization of that nation.

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