On the failure to integrate

There’s an interesting item on FrontPage Mag. It is an interview by Jamie Glazov with Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who worked for several years with young criminal Muslims in a Copenhagen prison. The interesting bit is that this one does not just bemoan the unwillingness or lack of integration by large portions of Muslim immigrant populations around the west. Rather, it tries to delve into the root cause. And guess what: It isn’t discrimination or poverty or social neglect.

FP: Did you find any real differences between Muslims coming from different parts of the Muslim world?

Sennels: My experience from working with Muslims is that the culture developed under Islamic influence supports the development of certain psychological characteristics. I had Muslim clients from most of the Muslim world: most of the Middle East, Muslim countries in Africa, Pakistan and ex-Yugoslavia. I did not register any major differences between the mentalities between these countries. (…)

Seen from the therapy room, the mentality stemming from Islamic influence on the societies where it is the dominating value system is so strongly rooted in the culture that Muslims are influenced by its dogmas and values no matter if they pray five times a day and can recite the Quran or not.

Among the cultural differences that most determine the failure to integrate are the different views on anger, self-confidence and honor. Views that are at times completely at odds with one another.

According to our view, the base of being authentic and honorable is to know one’s strengths and weakness – and accepting them. The ability to think “your opinion about me, not mine – and mine counts to me” when provoked and being mature enough to handle criticism constructively is a source of social status in the Western world.

Unfortunately, the Muslim concept of honor transforms especially their men into fragile glass-like personalities that need to protect themselves by scaring their surroundings with their aggressive attitude. The show of so-called narcissistic rage is very common among Muslims. The fear of criticism is in many cases not far from paranoia. It is not without reason that self-irony and self-criticism is completely absent in the Muslim societies.

Which pretty much explains the Danish cartoons, Kurt Westergaard and Theo van Gogh. And it may get worse. If left unchecked Dr. Sennels is not optimistic about the future:

As Muslim immigrants push for Islamization and the original Europeans increasingly feel being exploited and threatened by growing and still more violent Muslim communities, a continent wide civil war might become unavoidable. We are already on our way to get our own European Islamic Gaza Stripes where non-Islamic authorities are met with flying stones and angry crowds while Islamic authorities such as imams, groups of elderly men and home made Sharia courts, are free to exercise their power. Such developments are very alarming and should be confronted with large amounts of police, strict laws, and cuts on economic support for families having more children than the country’s average and demands that Muslim organizations and leaders reform their version of Islam.

Read it all, as they say.

[UPDATE001] Serendipity strikes again. Via Esther we get the below table of best and worst unemployment figures of immigrant groups in Finland. Spot the main difference between the left and the right column…

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One Response to On the failure to integrate

  1. Quent says:

    As a foreign observer, I'm pleased that these people do not integrate. The worst outcome would be to have ethnic Arabs or blacks acting like and thinking they are Dutch. If the Dutch are replaced by Arabs, or, for that matter, by Poles, Holland will have ceased to exist.People must get over their unreasonable fear of this simple fact.

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