Barroso: 700,000 in expenses is a modest amount

Time to fly off into a good, old-fashioned towering rage again. The Dutch broadcaster RTL News television filed a request for information on expenses by MEPs and members of the European Commission and published them on its website (NL). The Montesquieu Institute gives us the informtation in EN: President of the European Commission, Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso has claimed more than € 700,000 in expenses in 2009.

Europe’s taxpayers were charged almost €4 million last year for travel expenses, official dinners and diplomatic gifts related to the European Commission. The commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso, accounted for over €700,000 of the bill.

The bulk of the expenditure (some €3.5 million) represents travel costs, while the remaining €355,338 were paid out in so-called representation costs – dinners and gifts given to other officials. (…)

Mr Barroso’s 66 travel engagements last year amounted to a total of €697,773. The 10 trips outside the EU, such as the G20 summit in Pittsburgh or the EU-Russia summit in Khabarovsk, had an average cost of €21,898 each, while his intra-EU travels cost roughly three times less per outing.

“Mr Barroso travels a lot and the European Commission doesn’t have an official plane, unlike governments,” a spokesperson for the commission told this website.

In a reaction Mr Barroso was unapologetic and even dismissive (NL):

If you look at what government leaders claim in expenses, these amounts are very modest

Almost three-quarters of a million (on top of a 350k yearly salary), that is only ‘modest’. Never mind that it is tax money, OUR money he is spending bucket by bucket with reckless abandon. Can we leave now?

Document drop:
EU Commissioner Entitlements (pdf)
EU Code of Conduct for Commissioners (pdf)

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2 Responses to Barroso: 700,000 in expenses is a modest amount

  1. DP111 says:

    Almost three-quarters of a million (on top of a 350k yearly salary).I wouldnt be surprised that this salary is taxfree. After all the EU apparatchiks made sure that all the goods they bought were duty free, but made sure that we paid duty if we traveled within Europe. The increasing popularity of Wilders is beginningh to worry the EU apparatchiks.Germany Is Tired of Paying Europe's BillsIf Germans feel less guilty about the war, they won't make sacrifices to help feckless Greeks."Sell your islands, you bankrupt Greeks. And sell the Acropolis too!"—headline, Bild newspaper, March 4, 2010 A tabloid, such as the Bild, generally reflects the feelings of the population.The EU could be warming up, and it is definitely Anthropogenic.

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    >The EU could be warming up, and it is definitely Anthropogenic.Heeheehee, it's funny 'cause it's true

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