Unaccountable and unelected figures amassing money and power

On PJ Media Claudia Rosett comments on the the announcement by Yvo de Boer, that he is resigning his post as executive secretary of the UNFCCC per July 1st of this year.

But before celebrating too much over the departure of de Boer, beware. For the climate commissars of the UN, many of their pals in the big business community, and a lot of national potentates, “climate change” has already become a gravy train of extraordinary dimensions. Al Gore alone has become a tycoon with a Nobel prize. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has made it a leading theme of his leadership at the UN. Climate guru Rajendra Pachauri is saying hell, no, he won’t go. Whatever this scene once had to do with “climate” or “science” or “environment” or “earth,” it is by now largely about unaccountable and in many cases unelected figures amassing money and power. Good-bye and good riddance, one hopes, to Yvo de Boer. But this monster he helped create is not going to die without a long and grueling fight.

Meanwhile, Biased BBC notes the lucrative connections De Boers new job at KPGM will bring.

In the corrupt world of climate change it’s all very, very cosy for those who make the running.

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