Another day, another IPCC ‘gate’

How much fun is beating a dead horse? World Climate Report has news of the latest IPCC falsehood: ‘Ice-gate’, or how the IPCC halved the (positive) trend in Antarctic ice cover and declared it not significant. Even when publications on this issue, both at the time of writing of IPCC AR4 and published after AR4 came out, reported the trend very much statistically significant.

So, the peer reviewed literature, both extant at the time of the AR4 as well as published since the release of the AR4, shows that there has been a significant increase in the extent of sea ice around Antarctica since the time of the first satellite observations observed in the late 1970s. And yet the AR4 somehow “assessed” the evidence and determined not only that the increase was only half the rate established in the peer-reviewed literature, but also that it was statistically insignificant as well. And thus, the increase in sea ice in the Antarctic was downplayed in preference to highlighting the observed decline in sea ice in the Arctic.

We have observed it before: AR4 is not science, it is pamphleteering.

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