Exactly the same people

Carel Brendel, known in the Netherlands for his contributions to Het Vrije Volk (NL) and his book (and accompanying site; NL) ‘Het verraad van Links’ (‘The treason of the left’), penned a good overview on Pajamas Media about who is responsible for the accusations brought against Geert Wilders in this moder-day variant of a heresy trail.

So we have an extreme left political group with violent and anti-Semitic antecedents as a political frontrunner in a trial, threatening to suppress freedom of speech. Violence and anti-Semitism are just two indicators of the “rightist” extremism that the researchers could not detect in Wilders.

Media in the Netherlands focuses on Wilders yet seldom writes about the far left origins of his most active political opponent in this trial. The bashers of the murdered Pim Fortuyn are exactly the same people as the political persecutors of Geert Wilders.

Brendel names the names and takes the numbers of the key players in the travesty that is the Wilders trial. Heartily recommended to anyone not familiar with the Dutch socio-political landscape.

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6 Responses to Exactly the same people

  1. DP111 says:

    From the article The Court of Appeal then decided that Wilders would indeed be tried, and Dutch freedom of speech and the legality of criticizing Islam are now in danger because the Court caved to an unholy alliance of extreme Muslims and leftists.Whether there is freedom of speech in the Netherlands, is too important a matter for the courts or even parliament. This is a matter that the only the people can decide, irrespective of the court's or parliament's decision. Its up to people to assert their natural rights, the courts and parliament will follow – they have no alternative.

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    You are right of course, but whether the people have the will to assert that right will only come out after a verdict is spoken.And, to be quite frank, I am not very optimistic about 'the will of the people'.

  3. DP111 says:

    KVAmerica is having a "Tea party" revolution, and is making waves. Now if only we could organize a "Beer party" revolution – it may do the trick of getting the men out. The "Beer party" will be Europe wide, but may accept members from countries that have a culture of beer making and drinking. We must remember that European civilisation took off from the pub or the bar, where beer or ale was served. Both of these liquids were instrumental in forming Western civilisation. First principles.1. Freedom of expression2. No taxation on beer or ale without representation. I have a feeling, that after a few beers, most men will come of their shells.

  4. DP111 says:

    KVYou don't like beer?

  5. Klein Verzet says:

    Sorry DP, Carnival Weekend. Mrs. KV is catholic, so we were away, wearing silly clothes and drinking lots of beer (which I do like). Will answer more meaningfully tomorrow.

  6. Klein Verzet says:

    My more "meaningful" reaction: I think you may be on to something there. The main complaint about the West these days, is that western society has gotten so dismally feminised, where male virtues are ridiculed and marginalised.Your "Beer Party" idea would be like sounding a call to rally the unreformed men around Europe to stand up and be counted.

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