A terrorist organisation after all

A small update to this story.

Today the Supreme Council  ruled that the court case against the Hofstad group must be retried (NL). This cane after the public prosecutor appealed a decision by Court of Appeals in The Hague. Earlier in 2008 the The Hague court of appeal acquitted all members of the Hofstad group of  ‘membership of a terrorist organisation’ .

The Supreme Council ruled that the The Hague court of appeal had applied the legal definition of ‘membership of a terrorist organisation’ too strictly and hence invalid. The case must now be tried before a different court of appeal, probably in Amsterdam.

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3 Responses to A terrorist organisation after all

  1. DP111 says:

    The best thing for the security and peace of the Netherlands, is to jail all Dutch who have a negative views on Islam. Thought crime is a very serious crime, and must not go unpunished.

  2. Klein Verzet says:

    Heheh… In that case: Where do I report for immediate incarceration?

  3. baliplus says:

    every people hates terrorism

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