Drop dead!

During a plenary session of Second Chamber today, commemorating the handing over of the Netherlands to a foreign government, CDA MP Henk Jan Ormel proposed to fly the Euro blue (NL) from every government and parliamentary building.

As the Lisbon Treat is officially entering into force today, Ormel says, this means that ‘national parliaments are now formally involved in European decision making’. This would make a good reason the fly the Euro blue, because “a flag speaks to many people”.

This is the second time the Christian Democrats are pushing one of those constitutional symbols we were supposed to be rid of. Back in 2007 Labour didn’t agree and the proposal was defeated. Ormel thinks he can do better this time.

“A flag speaks to many people”. But what does it say? Many will not be able to walk past a Euro blue without remembering the treason perpetrated by the political elite, specifically in the CDA, without remembering the bald lies (perpetuated by Ormel during the plenary session) that giving over power to the EUnion organs somehow increases democracy, instead of destroying it.

Many will look upon a strange flag flying like and equal next to our own tri-color and see a symbol of foreign occupation. To such blatantly treasonous nonsense from a member of parliament, who after all is sworn to serve the Queen and the Dutch people, there is only one fitting answer: ‘Mister Ormel, we sincerely invite you to DROP DEAD at your earliest convenience’.

Thank you

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