The case for thinking in ‘Good and Evil’

A thought provoking article in the American Thinker today: The Pathology of Evil in Politics. Assuming evil is a pathological disorder, Andrew Thomas, explores ways to ‘recognize and ferret out the sociopaths and narcissists currently in power’, ending with a handy list of pointers to identify good and evil in politics.

Love, honor, integrity, honesty.

Corruption, greed, narcissism, lust for power.

The belief in individual freedom and liberty as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

The belief that individuals should be controlled and subjugated by the State — i.e., socialism, fascism, communism, globalism.

The belief that in an environment of freedom and equality, individual initiative and entrepreneurial spirit is the strength of the nation — i.e., capitalism.

The belief that the ends justify the means; that lying, subterfuge, and the killing of innocent humans are acceptable in achieving political goals — i.e., radical Islam and leftism.

In this light, the Turnip (and the forth-coming climate deal) are worrying developments, to put it ever so mildly. And where does that leave our intrepid PM, our government as a whole or indeed our current parliamentary system?

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