Half time score: Muslims 8: Infidels 0

Over on Gates of Vienna the Baron is taking score in the battle islam is waging on Western Civilization: Barking up the Wrong Tree. And it ain’t all that good. While we concentrate on a small number of high profile issues (Iraq, Afghanistan, domestic terrorism, ridiculous court cases) under the radar a veritable deluge of ‘probes’ is undertaken to test Western resolve to defend its character and values.

The Baron partially lists probes in the legal, territorial, educational, social and cultural arenas. The list is depressingly familiar, certainly when one realizes how much territory we have already given up in these arenas. Without putting up much of a fight, I might add (they won’t let us. Defending what is ours is racist, after all).

Read the entire thing. Western civilization is bleeding from a thousand little cuts. And it is only when you take in the bigger picture, like in the Baron’s post, that you realize the damage that has been done. Why are we not waking up?

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