"And for our next trick…" (updated)

– “… we will eliminate world poverty and hunger!”

– “… we will change the earths rotation to its opposite direction!”

– “… we wil turn water into wine!”


Mind you, the more astute among the western leaders must be aware that the global temperature has been trending downwards over the last year. So they should know that warming will be limited to within 2 degrees centigrade by natural processes alone. That they are still going along with the utterly insane, self-destructive insanity of a reduction of 80% of CO2 emissions tells us that this whole charade is not about impending climate disaster. It is about increased government control, pure and simple.

[UPDATE001] Our own intrepid PM, Jan Peter Balkenende, is also afflicted with the collective Jesus-syndrome: Balkenende content with climate deal G8 (NL). Will nobody rid us of these blathering fools?

[UPDATE002] And to underline the point of this post: Gore: U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About ‘Global Governance’. (h/t Jim Hoft)

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