Fitna – the Sequel


Wilders to make second Fitna film

Thursday 16 April 2009

MP Geert Wilders is to make a follow-up to his 15 minute anti-Islam film Fitna, the leader of the anti-immigration party says in Thursday’s Telegraaf [NL – KV].

The new film should be finished next year and will ‘reflect how far the ‘islamisation’ [of the west] has progressed, Wilders tells the paper

‘It will not be a copy of Fitna. This is the second phase,’ Wilders said. ‘I now want to show the consequences of mass immigration from Muslim countries.’ The film will focus on freedom of speech issues and the strict Islamic legal system known as sharia, he said.


‘We have to attack more, go on the offensive,’ the paper quoted him as saying. ‘We have to fight back.’

Wilders claims that several professional film makers from New York and Hollywood have offered to help. He declined to name names but said they had in the past made films which were shown in the cinema.

Wilders was recently in the US to attend showings of Fitna. He was banned from entering the UK to attend a discussion about the film.

Fitna, a compliation of video footage interspersed with quotes from the Koran, was finally released in March 2008. The government went on a diplomatic offensive to head off mass protests from Muslims at home and abroad, a campaign which was largely successful.

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