On his way – UPDATE: And back again

Elsevier reports (NL) that Wilders boarded a British Midlands aeroplane that took off around 1350 hours.

This morning there was some confusion, with Geenstijl (NL) reporting that British Midlands had cancelled Wilders’ ticket. But around noon it emerged the ticket was still valid.

In a press conference prior to boarding, Wilders expressed the hope that after the last days commotion, British authorities will have come to their senses and let him in. Which is indeed what the Times is asking in an otherwise ill-considered op-ed: Let Him In.

Spitsnieuws has a couple of twitters on board the plane, who’s reporting (such as it is) can be followed here. In Dutch though.

Via Gateway: The Sun reported that Geert Wilders ‘boarded the plane despite Dutch authorities earlier saying he may not be allowed to leave Holland.’ That is getting it so ass-backwards (by implication), that one wonders whether even basic journalism skills still exist nowadays.

[UPDATE001 15:11] Landed at Heathrow.

It is possible the MP could be sent straight back to the Netherlands.

The Dutch Ambassador is also at Heathrow to make clear Dutch government’s opposition to the ban on Mr Wilders entering the UK.

[UPDATE002 15:30] Spitsnieuws: Wilders ushered away through a side door. Expected to be put on the 1600 flight back to the lowlands.

[UPDATE003 16:27] Wilders according to Elsevier(NL): ‘I have been detained and am not allowed into the country’. Upon arrival Wilders was separated from the crowd by British customs officer and detained in a small closed room.

[UPDATE004 16:48] Back home in time for dinner. According to Spitsnieuws (NL), Wilders was put on a plane back and will arrive in the lowlands around 1800. Bully tactics have worked, obviously…

[UPDATE005 17:24] Email from the PVV (emphasis mine – KV):

Wilders calls Gordon Brown the number one coward in Europe

Geert Wilders to be sent back to Holland after a 47 second interview with British immigration officials….

“This is not an attack on me, but on freedom of speech.”

Slide shows of today’s events here and NL reporting here.

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