About those Greek riots…

The press in the Netherlands does its best to downplay what is happening in Greece at the moment and tries even harder to hide and/or obfuscate the reasons behind the sudden explosion of violence in Athens and elsewhere.

EU Referendum on the other hand have a couple of posts up on the Greek riots, that shed a little unexpected light on the happenings in Greece: Grecian flames and There is more to it…

Telling quote from the Guardian:

With many struggling to make ends meet, and one in five living below the poverty line, there is growing anger at the tough fiscal policies of a government determined to reach the prescriptive benchmarks set out by Brussels and rein in budget deficits. The disaffection has been exacerbated by allegations of corruption and a series of scandals implicating members of [prime minister] Karamanlis’s inner circle.

Thus it seems that there’s is a firm EUnion dimension to the Greek riots. That must get the attention of the EUrocrats in Brussels and around Europe, one should think.

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