Second Dutch Islam critical film in the making

The anti-Islam film announced by Ehsan Jami last year is an animated film that will be released on 20 April, Jami said Wednesday evening on current affairs programme Netwerk. The 20 th April is the birth day of Hitler.

Jami’s production is bound to come up against opposition. The Contact body for Muslims and the Government has already announced it will take legal steps against the film.

Netwerk showed a drawing from the film, which is entitled The Life of Mohammed. The drawing shows the prophet Mohammed in the company of his 9-year-old wife Aisa. The prophet is on his way to a mosque to deflower his bride.

[UPDATE001 – KV] Ehsan Jami will not make his animated film The Life of Muhammed (NL). According to Elsevier, he has received many threats after releasing the news of his film, especially from Iran (his country of origin). Additionally he had a meeting with our MoJ, Ernst Hirsch Ballin, who apparently was not willing to guarantee Jamis safety.

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One Response to Second Dutch Islam critical film in the making

  1. ur mom says:

    i think these islam bitches need to shut the fuck up. It's a movie.

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