The biggest mistake in history

Islam means SubmissionJust how wide the divide is between the political classes and the general populace was illustrated today, when the results were published of a poll about Dutch history and identity (NL).

Of the 1,069 interviewed, 56 percent calls islam a threat to Dutch identity and 57 percent thinks that allowing in large groups of immigrants has been the biggest mistake in Dutch history.

Of the respondents, 66 percent does not agree with princess Maxima’s proposition that ‘the’ Dutch identity does not exist.

Thus, reports of the demise of Dutch identity seem to be greatly exaggerated.

In and of itself this is a bit of good news, showing that for all the state propaganda, which has even co-opted the Royal House, the Dutch still are making up their own mind and are viewing the world in a far more realistic manner then our current leadership.

On the other hand this is one more piece of evidence showing the gaping chasm that exists between a people and its leaders. Virtually the entire political class, including the Royal House, have in the past aply demonstrated their transnational desire to abolish the nationstate and deliver us into the hands of the EUnion and the UN.

In 2005 parliament almost unanimously voted for the EU-constitution. Yet the people rejected it with a considerabl majority (65%). In spite of what the people think, we will all live under the EU constitution, renamed as the ‘Lisbon treaty’, come 2009.

Government (and the EUnion) are praising immigration, particularly from EUROMED partners, as the solution to the European ‘aging-crisis’. Yet a majority of the people are not at all comfortable with that idea, calling past mass-immigration the ‘biggest mistake in history’. But in spite of their feeling the EUnion will allow in yet another 20 million immigrants from around the Mediterranean by 2015.

A goodly portion of the Dutch people want to see Wilders Fitna, while a majority thinks he should be allowed to show it. Yet, as we have seen over the last weeks and months, our leadership (political, religious and judiciary) , do everything in their power to deprive the Dutch of the contents of this film.

In the mean time the traditional centers of political power are losing more and more voters. The centre cannot hold, the poet said. Something has to give. And it may give sooner then we think.

[INSTANT UPDATE] The same poll revealed a saddening lack of knowledge of Dutch history (NL) among the Dutch people. Undoubtedly this is a function of modern ‘improved’ education standards. Overall the Dutch scored a 5.2 on a scale from 1 – 10, which obviously is a failing grade. Where the older cohorts managed to eek out a passing grade, scoring 6.0 on average, Dutch in the groups of age 16-34 scored a measly 4.4.

We have said it before on this blog: Especially in these times the importance of knowing ones history cannot be overstated.

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