Adviser of the Dutch Queen wants ban on Fitna

Hans van de Broek (CDA)Hans van den Broek, a former foreign affairs minister of the ruling Christian Democrats (CDA) and now special adviser of Queen Beatrix, has asked the Dutch government to prosecute Geert Wilders (NL). It’s in the national interest to stop Geert Wilders from releasing the small Fitna film, he says. Hoping the ultra liberal Dutch courts support a censorship ruling.

It’s not the first time the Queens adviser wants respect for the holy Islam. In 1987 he successfully intervened and stopped a Dutch TV station from broadcasting footage in which underwear was thrown to Iranian dictator Ayatollah Khomeini.

Verhagen the current foreign affairs minister, who is also a Christian Democrat (CDA) just like van den Broek, now says: “We have investigated the possibilities, [unfortunately] there are none.”. And he repeated that they told Wilders he will be held responsible for the reactions on the movie. An other prominent Christian Democrat (CDA), Sybrand van Haersma Buma, agrees and says he understands the Queen Hans van den Broek. She he has many international contacts. “She he will just like us, constantly be confronted with the question: how is this possible in The Netherlands?”.

See also: Former Dutch ambassador Paul Bremmer on freedom of expression in The Netherlands.

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