Interview with Geert Wilders

The books of the parliamentary chairEarlier this week, Al-Qaeda announced that they will kill Dutch parliamentary member Geert Wilders. But that did not lead to any personal support for Geert Wilders.

I had expected [Dutch prime minister] Balkenende would condemn the announcement of Al-Qaeda, but he does totally nothing. Although the dead threat is acknowledged by the [Dutch] governments national coordinator against terrorism. Where is our prime minister?” asks Geert Wilders in an interview with Dutch biggest internet news site:

You do not even wish this for you’re worst enemies that they read in the newspaper headlines that there is called for a jihad against you’re person. Never before I have been threatened like this.

Dutch newspaper Telgraaf earlier this week had announced the threats were issued on and showed that Geert Wilders had to be slaughtered like Theo van Gogh for insulting Islam and it’s prophet.

Geert Wilders says prime minister “Balkenende announces a crisis, although nobody even know what the content of the film is. I am a chosen parliamentary member who uses democratic means all within the law. But a group like Al-Qaeda calls for undemocratic means, like murdering people. It’s a shame they obstruct [the film] Fitna, it’s a prime minister unworthy”.

Wilders accuses his parliamentary colleagues of not being interested in his safety at all. “If this had happened to parliamentary member Jan Marijnissen I would have talked to him.” (Marijnissen is leader of the communist and the direct politically opposite of Wilders). Only independent parliamentary member Rita Verdonk did send him a SMS message: “good luck”. That was the only reaction he got.

In a conversation this week with both the justice minister and foreign affairs minister, Wilders was asked to cancel his Islamic critical film Fitna. “I found the conversation very intimidating, but it only urge me to continue with my mission”, says Wilders.

In the interview he confirmed the film will be ready the first of March. It still unclear when it will be shown, this possibly will take a few more weeks.

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