Geert Wilders film named ‘Fitna’

Openings shot of Geert Wilder his Koran movie named Fitna
Dutch biggest newspaper De Telegraaf breaks the story that the Koran critical film of parliamentary member Geert Wilders will be named fitna. In an interview with the paper, Wilders says that fitna is also the Arabic synonym for evil. Here follows a translation of the news article:

Islam is the “most recent ordeal for Western democracies, [that came] after the fall of [both] communism and fascism”, says parliamentary member [Geert Wilders]. According to him, ‘fitna’ is a term used for situation in which the Muslim believer is tested. “I definitely wanted a term from the Koran”. Wilders although reverses the term: “The Islam and the Koran are my test. For me the pernicious Islam is fitna”.

The plan is to release the film in March. In it, Wilders wants to show, his opinion that the Koran is a fascist book and that it even to this day still encourages violence. “In the film I illustrate verses from the Koran with documentary pictures, they show that the Koran is not a dead letter, but that it is the face of Islam today: an enormous threat.”

The film of around 15 minutes, eventually will focus on the situation in The Netherlands. It will close with a conclusion about the Koran and an image of Muhammad. “With the image something happens. What that is, I will not disclose now” says Wilders.

He is content with the current moderate reaction of the Dutch Muslims on his film plans. “They react much more mature than mufti Balkenende. The [prime minister] already speaks of a ‘crisis’ before he has seen anything. Because of the fear and cowardliness of Balkenende it looks like he is working on a self fulfilling prophecy, says Wilders.

In a interview with the Belgium newspaper ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ Wilders calls the ideology of Islam: “abject, fascistic and wrong”. The prophet Muhammad, is according to him, “a eerie devil, who we better not worship in The Netherlands”.

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