Prosecuted for taking down jihad flag

Jihad flag Enschede
Art is the expression of the unsay able. But in the Netherlands, were art is a government funded business, it is often the voice of the unacceptable. At last years, heavily governments funded Gogbot festival, artist Chrissy Meijns desecrated the Dutch flag by putting the word “Jihad” on it.

But as always not all people opened up to this ‘brought mindedness’ of the artist and where shocked to see the jihad flags fly in their city center. But when a 22 year old Dutch student climbed in the flag pole and took one down, the police acted and arrested the offender. Of course they did not arrested the desecrater of the flag, but the desecrater of this fine piece of art. But the student was not their regular Dutch victim, he refused to pay the fine and went to court.

Parliamentary questions were asked, newspaper were stories written and now a year later the court yesterday finally ruled. And although the Dutch royal family proclaims that we have no national identity and certainly not one we have to defend, the judge yesterday still ruled differently and acquitted the student.

In this years Gogbot festival one can enjoy with the whole family the “war on error” art made of bomb wreckages imported from Iraq…

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