Kids Jihad

The Dutch political correct view is that you shouldn’t send your children to a “white” school, that is filled with a large majority of native Dutch children. It would be better for The Netherlands and you’re kids, if you would send them to a school that is mixed and representable for the area you live in.

But reality can be a harsh thing. Today’s newspaper reports about a story of two parents Laurent en Laura who believe(d) in this political correct mumbo jumbo. They thought they can give their children the best start in life by sending them to a “black” school around the corner where they can learn all about other cultures. Also, they thought, because the school receives much more government funding it can organize much more fun activities for the children.

Their 9 year old son Cyril became the only Christian child of his class. The result was that all other pupils, all Muslims, turned against him. He was their target of discrimination and violence. He received many beatings. Until the little boy couldn’t take it any more. He did not wanted to get out bed to go to school. It was this little boy him self who proposed to be send to an other school. But unfortunately for little Cyril his parents were deep believers of multiculturalism.

“Let Cyril go the next 3 years [of his pre-school] to a enjoyable school, this is only going to get worse [here]”, the worried school adviser told them, “put aside you’re idealism and do what’s best for you’re child”. The school advised the parents to take their child to a “white” school and now says “It’s frustrating that we could not stop this discrimination”

Now, Cyril is happily going to his new “white” preschool only twenty minutes away from his home.

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