Freedom of speech? yes, but…

The Dutch anti-terror coordinator, Tjibbe Joustra says that anti-Islamic comment by some public Dutch figures are a threat. Dutch news paper AD reports that Joustra is referring to Dutch parliamentary member Geert Wilders (PVV) and Ehsan Jami the founder of the Dutch Committee of ex-Muslims.

Although the news paper does not explain what kind of threat he means, it has to be noted that it is Joustra who is the coordinates of the security detail of both Geert Wilders and Eshan Jami.

The anti-terrorism coordinator stresses in the same article that freedom of expression is important. “Everyone may say what they like, but that does not mean that you have to say everything. You should think before you open your mouth.” It’s not the first time he gives warnings like these.

That begs the question, who is now exactly threatening who and by whom?

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