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Wilders trial: Final end

And thus we arrive at the whimper that marks the end to a sad, awkward, absurdity that has marred the reputation, at home as much as it did abroad, of the justice system (not to mention the wider governing system) … Continue reading

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Rotten scoundrels and liars

Some news from the wire (in this case Reuters) that has been completely ignored and/or suppressed by the (slavish? sycophantic?) Dutch MSM: Dutch FinMin willing to increase euro rescue fund ESM Dutch Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager said on … Continue reading

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EUR, what is it good for II

I am taking a short break from taking a prolonged break from blogging to bring you this bit of news. The report Business Insider estimates will ‘blow up the eurozone’ was released today: Report shows the Netherlands can leave the … Continue reading

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Good riddance

Some cheery news, via IanPJ: It is with great sadness I report that Common Purpose in the Netherlands has closed down. In the current climate in the Netherlands, the open courses have struggled to cover costs. The Netherlands team have … Continue reading

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Islamophobia or Islamonausea?

A week ago, some petty little cretin from a petty little cretinous party (Islam Democrats, an oxymoron if there ever was one) tried to sneak a little bit of sharia-law into The Hague city regulations: Muslim party wants dog ban. … Continue reading

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I’m curious

So, yesterday out intrepid PM Mark Rutte put his signature under the new ‘Fiscal Treaty’ (not a EUnion treaty!). One that, in his words, will ensure that ‘Europe’ will become more competitive and create more jobs in order to ensure … Continue reading

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Within days

Must read from Business Insider: The Report That Will Blow Up The Eurozone A few months ago, the PVV announced they had commissioned a report from British financial consultancy firm Lombard Street Research on the economic consequences of staying in … Continue reading

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Nearing the end

Holland keeps it AAA rating. Yay for us! The bad news: There’s only four of us left: the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Luxembourg. Even more bad news: This may costs us sad little Lowlanders a bit more then was anticipated. … Continue reading

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In the Netherlands the current economic crisis is most acutely felt by those trying to sell their house: Nobody’s buying. This is not a huge surprise, given the governments measures to curb mortgage lending (no more mortgages of 120% of … Continue reading

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No justice at all

In the Netherlands this week there has been a small uproar (NL) about a community service sentence handed to a defendant accused of punching a cop in the face six times: The sentenced young man, Bilal el B., was stopped … Continue reading

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